Protect Your (I)Piece of the PII: Why Your Company Needs a Proprietary Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement for Its Employees and Contractors

Companies spend significant money developing all kinds of valuable assets, such as proprietary products and services, marketing strategies, customer goodwill, and employee training and development. Many companies wrongly assume that the company automatically owns the rights to trade secrets, intellectual property (IP), and other confidential information created by the company’s employees or contractors.     However, […]

Meditate Before You Mediate

Breath in. Mediation – what is it? In its purest form, it’s an alternative dispute resolution mechanism designed to resolve adversarial disputes. It’s also mandatory for an overwhelming majority of jurisdictions in South Carolina for cases pending in the Court of Commons Pleas. While it’s simple to think about mediation as “checking a box,” can […]

OCR works great…until it doesn’t

Even if you don’t know what OCR stands for, you probably interact with it all the time.  “Optical character recognition”–or, in laymen’s terms, text recognition–has become ubiquitous in modern hardware and software.  Did you scan a document recently?  Chances are, your scanner (or scanner app) used OCR to create a searchable text layer.  OCR is […]

You’re doing it wrong

If the law already covers it, leave it out.  Most contracts should be 2 pages, and 90% of contracts should be less than 10 pages.

Breaking The Tendency: Don’t Be A One-Trick Pony

Over the past few months, it’s become more and more clear that law schools and law firms are training future attorneys that the only way for them to be successful in the legal profession is to be a “one-trick pony”, or, stated otherwise, to be hyper-specialized in one nuanced area of the law. While this […]

If you can keep it.

James Rigney was the South Carolina author of a great book called the Wheel of Time.  It is a 14-volume allegorical masterpiece about all aspects of human nature, and in the prologue to each book, he describes with great effect the course of human events:  “The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving […]

Introducing The Anti-Firm

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