Elite Legal Operators

with a warrior mentality


Determined to win.

Campbell Teague attorneys are more than world-class lawyers. We are trial-seasoned, multilingual, elite legal operators that move with speed, truly understand your business, and proactively drive resolution in every matter.


George Campbell


“Not many lawyers give a damn, and it shows. We founded a firm where we work with urgency to advance the cause of our clients, and never forget that our work helps and protects real people. Excellence demands discipline, dedication, and resolve. We never offer anything less.”

  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  • 15+ years of experience
  • South Carolina proud, globally focused

Jordan Teague


“In our hands, the law is a proactive asset, not a cap on innovation. Because we’re at the cutting-edge of emerging markets and follow sectors in transformation, we can create opportunities and advantage, in both known and uncharted waters. ”

  • Trilingual (English, Mathematics, and Crypto)
  • 12+ years of experience
  • Creative, relentless, and client-focused

Emily O'Brian


“Not many things rattle me, so candor and courage drive my practice. My focus and speciality is in labor and employment, and I bring that knowledge to bear by proactively pointing out the areas where you may be risking your shirt in how you accommodate, compensate, or communicate with your employees. Clients don’t always like to hear it at the moment, but they always thank me when they avoid a suit.”

  • Experience in arbitration, state, and federal courts
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Obsessively focused on how legal problems impact real people

Our attorneys slay mediocrity to lead you in victory.

Attorneys at Campbell Teague are determined, daring, and downright dangerous. We’re a team of unconventional thinkers who bring mental agility and ingenuity to every case, and embrace client challenges as opportunities to level up and lead.

Leigh Ellen Gray


“I have argued both sides of employment law cases, and I know how you feel. Thankfully, I also know how to win.”

Key Focus Areas:

  • Employment
  • Business Litigation

Lindsey Wright


“I am passionate about helping creatives and founders best represent and protect their work.”

Key Focus Areas:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Business Transactions

Nehan Sethi


“I believe that a deal is successful when both parties walk away happy. The right counsel makes that possible.”

Key Focus Areas:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Web3

John-Paul Baum


“I treat every legal matter as a high-stakes priority to generate traction and protect your business’s future.”

Key Focus Areas:

  • Construction Litigation
  • Business Torts 

Exceptional client experiences by design.

The status quo at most firms has client cases moving slow and their costs ballooning fast. We take a different approach that prioritizes quality, efficiency, and integrity. To ensure our firm’s time is focused on value-creating activities, we have Legal Project Managers that efficiently manage every aspect of your case and provide you with a smooth client experience.

When we bill, you can know it’s for work conducted by an experienced legal operator who understands your challenge, and for activities that will improve your results. 

Rebecca Holmes


“We run our business to an exacting standard of efficiency and responsiveness, where our clients feel comfortable and cared for.”

Meaghan Cotton


“I’m passionate about championing the causes of others and committed to providing our clients with the excellence and experience they need and deserve.”

Kim Schurr


“My diverse career and deep understanding of psychology and organizational strategies shapes my approach to driving efficiency and success on behalf of our clients.”

We don't have a B team.

The only B around here stands for badass. We bring finesse and firepower to every engagement, and bring uncommon resolve to help our clients outwit, outlast and overcome.

Don’t settle for anything less.