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Creating a new kind of firm — where elite attorneys earn trust and drive value for businesses across the globe.

Conventional firms respond to what is. We create what is possible.

A law firm’s commitment, competency, and agility can be the making — or breaking — of a business. We believe great attorneys do more than just advise and defend their clients; they are champions for a cause, open locked doors, and create long-term advantage for a business.

Our mission

Helping private businesses gain control, find leverage, achieve resolution, and create possibilities that deliver swift victory and long-term advantage.

Why we exist,
and why we persist.

We founded Campbell Teague on the belief that business operators deserve attorneys that think like owners and fight like warriors. We understand that this is not how most firms operate, and that’s why we’ve chosen to build something different.

We’ve rejected the status quo, to become something greater. We’ve traded: complacency for excellence; indifference for ingenuity; passivity for bold action; apathy for fierce commitment.

In its place, we’ve created a firm that turns challenges into possibilities and problems into opportunities — one that delivers a world-class client experience that exceeds industry norms and client expectations.


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The Campbell Teague Way

How we deliver reliable results for unprecedented matters.

Business and legal understanding

We have an operator-mindset.
We know the business and the stakes behind every matter we take on, and explore the full range of possibilities that can deliver a swift win.

Efficient, effective, and proven process

We run like a business, not a firm.
We operate with the same lean, tech-driven systems and processes that the most successful companies use to produce results.

Long-term Strategic Thinking

We think beyond the third order.
We don’t stop at solving the situation-at-hand. We ensure that we’ve looked into the future and have properly planned for what could come next.

Global Experience and Ingenuity

We’re seasoned, with a beginner’s mind.
We’ve seen a lot, know how to leverage what we know, and find out what we don’t. We truly address problems and create advantage wherever possible.

Who we serve

We help leaders protect the heart of their business and win. We are world-class attorneys that serve as champions for our clients, and who have the courage, conviction, and commitment required to swiftly resolve issues and create long-term value and advantage for business.


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National offices with a global reach

Greenville HQ

16 W. North St.
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 326-4186

Washington, DC

4315 50th Street NW
1st Floor
Washington, DC 20016

New York

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New York, New York

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