When to Hire A TM Attorney: Your Likeness Has More Value Than You Think

One of the most common mistakes we see are clients waiting until a conflict arises with their brand name or likeness before reaching out. At this point your options are limited, and you may have already forfeited the rights to your own name. Protecting your name or likeness is rarely top of mind for an […]


In the modern economy, your most valuable assets are intangible. Protect your brand, and don’t get trolled.

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What Your Business Wants for Christmas: Brand Protection!

Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jenosaur/with/3112708077/

“Once my business takes off, I’ll worry about trademarking my company name,” said many an entrepreneur.  It may feel counterintuitive to invest time and money in your brand when it’s still in its infancy, but don’t let your instincts mislead you!  With a seemingly endless supply of products and services available online, your brand is […]