Introducing The Anti-Firm

It’s no secret that many law firms could use a re-boot on their brand and marketing.  But figuring out where to start, or who to call, can be tough.  How’s a lawyer — who often lacks aesthetic and technical expertise — supposed to weed out the snake oil salesmen from the quality marketing professionals?


That’s why we created The Anti-Firm!  A spin-off company of Campbell Teague focused on brand, marketing, and tech consulting for the legal industry.  We partner with top-notch designers, developers and marketing gurus to help law firms bring their marketing and tech into the 21st century.  As lawyers who started their careers in digital marketing and business, we’re the ideal point guards for revamping your digital marketing strategy.

If you’re a law firm needing help with branding, web development, search engine marketing, or social media, look no further!  Give The Anti-Firm a call, and let’s talk about how we can help your firm modernize its marketing game.


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