SC Real Estate Agents: 3 tips to make sure your clients actually close

If you are a real estate agent, you’ve been there. After months of searching, you finally find a home for your clients that checks all the boxes. You put in an offer and hold your breath, knowing that several other buyers are interested. Next thing you know, your offer is accepted and the parties sign […]

An expensive “oops, I forgot”

Seller’s Disclosures seem like an annoying check-list sheet of paper attached at the end of the Contract. But it is far more important than that. The Seller’s Disclosures is something for both the buyer and the seller to review impeccably.  Say you, the seller, have a furnace that is twelve years old.  A year ago […]

Buying a House? Need a Fence? Please, Call Your Neighbors

I don’t know if something is in the water, or if everyone has had too much time on their hands (post the world shutting down in March of 2020) to find things to get mad about, but we’ve heard from more people fighting over fences than ever before.  But why? What’s happened since March of 2020 […]