Type II Preliminary Agreements are Not Agreements to Agree

Over the past decade, a subsect of contract law has been developing in Delaware regarding Type II agreements. You may be asking, what in the world is a Type II agreement? And what’s the difference between a Type I agreement and a Type II agreement?   Why does this even matter?  Type I agreements reflect mutual assent to “all […]

Meditate Before You Mediate

Breath in. Mediation – what is it? In its purest form, it’s an alternative dispute resolution mechanism designed to resolve adversarial disputes. It’s also mandatory for an overwhelming majority of jurisdictions in South Carolina for cases pending in the Court of Commons Pleas. While it’s simple to think about mediation as “checking a box,” can […]

Buying a House? Need a Fence? Please, Call Your Neighbors

I don’t know if something is in the water, or if everyone has had too much time on their hands (post the world shutting down in March of 2020) to find things to get mad about, but we’ve heard from more people fighting over fences than ever before.  But why? What’s happened since March of 2020 […]

How to Prevent a Dumpster Fire

How to prevent a dumpster fire? Don’t let one get started. I’d say about 99% of Americans feel like this right about now: Regardless of the current state of the economy or your own business affairs, how can you prevent a dumpster fire? The answer: call a lawyer…before it’s too late. Americans have a tendency […]

Breaking The Tendency: Don’t Be A One-Trick Pony

Over the past few months, it’s become more and more clear that law schools and law firms are training future attorneys that the only way for them to be successful in the legal profession is to be a “one-trick pony”, or, stated otherwise, to be hyper-specialized in one nuanced area of the law. While this […]

Insurance Coverage: More Is Usually Better

Insurance: you hate it until you need it. Over the past few months, we’ve had a number of clients call to discuss their insurance coverage not only for their businesses, but also for their families. The Coronavirus pandemic certainly has businesses and families thinking: am I covered? What’s going to happen if I don’t have […]

The Corona-Circus And Its Effect on Force Majeure Clauses

While many of you are sitting at home, either with your children who are out of school or out of paranoia and fear over the bat-flu (or, ridiculously, being told you can’t work) one thought keeps recurring in my mind: Does COVID-19 (more commonly known as the Coronavirus) qualify as an “Act of God” under […]