Why Hire A Trademark Attorney? (A Simple Click Won’t Protect Your IP)

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Between Doordash, Amazon, and other online platforms, we’ve all become a little accustomed to instant gratification and getting anything with a few clicks. Although the convenience is super helpful when ordering a last minute Christmas gift or food when you’re sick, when it comes to your intellectual property, “quick and easy” is rarely the answer.


Your intellectual property—especially your brand’s name or likeness—is one of the biggest investments you make as a business. Whether you are marketing to customers or investors, it’s critical that you prioritize the value of your brand.


For many, protecting intellectual property begins with a Google search, where the results will likely show  services offering to register your trademark for a couple hundred bucks. They often say you need only fill out an application online and never need to speak with someone about your business. However, the $250 you spent can quickly turn into $5,000 of legal fees when you receive an Office Action from the USPTO months later. These service providers are not equipped to manage your biggest investment. They often have very little trademark knowledge and do little to no due-diligence on the likelihood of approval. Some don’t even have a licensed attorney filing your application (something the USPTO is trying to curb with new policies).


These kinds of services prey on young entrepreneurs who are accustomed to getting things done with a simple click, but these brands end up paying far more in the end. Why?

Because it costs a great deal more to hire a trademark attorney to fix the mess after the fact than to prevent a mess from happening in the first place.


The best thing you can do for your brand is retain an attorney experienced in trademarks and knows the intricacies of the USPTO. Trademark attorneys stay up to date on the most current policies, rules, and regulations, and will conduct due diligence searches to flag potential issues prior to application.


This brings priceless peace of mind and conserves the most valuable asset of a new brand:  cash.  Trademark attorneys can help you anticipate roadblocks to approval and provide legal strategies to fit your business plan. They can maintain your mark over time, respond on your behalf for future correspondence with the USPTO, and help extend the use of your mark or register your mark abroad as your business expands.


Although we have all become used to instant gratification, your business will thank you later for taking the time and energy to meet with an attorney and prioritize your intellectual property needs. If this seems like the right next step for your brand, call a trademark attorney at Campbell Teague. We will help you invest in your brand and protect your intellectual property.


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