What Can I Actually Register with a Trademark: Slogans, Logos, and Names, Oh My!

Question: What do McDonald’s, Google, and Beyoncé all have in common?  


Answer: They all own some of the most recognizable and valuable registered trademarks in the world – and you can too! 


From “I’m lovin’ it” to “Google” being used as both a brand name and a verb, “just Google it!”), these brands and individuals have capitalized on their likeness by taking the time to register their trademarks, and their marks have become household names. So why are so many entrepreneurs still asking the question: why do I need a trademark attorney? 


There are many different things your attorney can do to protect your IP, but for this article, we will focus on starting from scratch with your brand’s name and likeness. There are three main types of intellectual property that you must consider: 


  1. A Name – The most obvious form of trademarking, and often what people think of when they think of trademarks, is a name. This can be brand names, like “Maybelline” or “Adidas,” or stage names like “P!nk,” “Madonna,” “21 Savage,” or “Rihanna.” 
  2. A Phrase – Brand slogans or taglines are also registrable! Think: “Let’s go places,” “Eat fresh,” or “Quicker picker upper.” (Toyota, Subway, and Bounty/Procter & Gamble, respectively).
  3. A Logo – A logo is any unique symbol or design that identifies a brand. This can range from your name in certain fonts and colors to a unique graphic that you use to represent your business. Some popular examples here are the Target bullseye, Walt Disney, the Nike Swoosh, and Coca-Cola. 


When you have settled on a distinctive name, slogan, and/or logo that you know your brand will continue to use, it’s time to call your attorneys at Campbell Teague.  We can help you efficiently search through registered and unregistered marks, provide you with an opinion letter discussing registrability, and handle the registration with the USPTO on your behalf.  


This provides legal protection against counterfeits, copycats, and fraud, and protects your brand’s biggest investment: its likeness.  


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