Our differences make us a stronger team

Want to build a strong team?  Then build a diverse one.  Much of recent research focuses on racial and gender diversity, but the same can be said of diversity in personality types, skills, and even chronotypes.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, great minds don’t necessarily think alike.

Part of what makes the Campbell Teague team tick is our diversity across many of these attributes!  To help you get to know us a little better — and to give you some easy reading for a Friday afternoon — we thought we’d share about some of the ways we’re different, and how that makes us a stronger team.

Personality.  Our team is half introvert, half extrovert!  By “introvert” and “extrovert,” I don’t mean shy vs. outgoing — I mean the psychological definition of the terms.  Extroverts primarily apply their energy to their outer world, whereas introverts primarily apply their energy to their inner world.  In our day-to-day office life, you’ll find George gravitating toward phone calls and meetings, and me gravitating toward my computer.  That’s not to say we aren’t both comfortable in a variety of work modes, but it allows us to divide and conquer very effectively: I can crush documents while George is killing it in client relations.

Don’t take my word for it, take a look at our recent phone statistics.  We both made and received a similar number of phone calls, but the difference in the amount of time George spent on the phone compared to me was about fivefold! 😱

Chronotype.  If you aren’t familiar with this buzz word, “chronotype” is a scientific way of describing the differences between Early Birds and Night Owls.  Studies show that Night Owls don’t just prefer to keep a later schedule, they actually perform better on one.  While George is a classic morning person, I’m in the nocturnal camp.  While we overlap during the bulk of our workdays, our differing chronotypes allow us to be available to clients over a broader spectrum of hours.

Attractiveness.  Just kidding, we’re obviously both ridiculously attractive. 😆

Let our diverse team help you!  From helping you start your business to representing you in litigation, we’ve got your back.

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