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Paralegal Job Post

Campbell Teague is a boutique litigation and corporate law firm in Greenville, South Carolina, dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed. At the forefront of technology, Campbell Teague uses advanced tools to offer a broad range of services in and out of court. Campbell Teague seeks a highly qualified paralegal to join our rapidly growing team.  The position will be based in Greenville, SC but can work remotely.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Autonomy
  • Ingenuity
  • Fitness
What this means about our office culture:
  • Our team is made up of naturally curious people who reject the notion, “We do this because this is how it’s always been done.”
  • Honesty is important, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  Integrity means that we do the right thing, even if it isn’t convenient or in our own interest.
  • We value the input of every team member—support staff, paralegal, and lawyer alike—on how to improve our processes and our product.
  • We are devoted to fitness in all areas of life, including mental, physical, and spiritual.  This prepares us to perform in unknown, intense situations.  Practically speaking, this means we encourage our team members to schedule time in their weeks for reflection, exercise, etc.
  • We work fast without delay or procrastination.
  • We are anti-bureaucracy.  We empower team members to make decisions—especially “reversible” decisions—without fear of being Monday-morning quarterbacked.  This helps us move quickly and take action rather than get hung up in analysis paralysis.


The ideal candidate will appreciate that we are not your typical law firm, and that we use advanced technology to achieve more efficient results for our clients at honest prices.  No formal education is required, but the candidate must clearly demonstrate the following minimum criteria:
  • Superior research and writing skills, with an ability to convey ideas in the most precise and concise manner
  • Advanced technological skills with ability to quickly learn and use new SaaS tools
  • Natural curiosity and creative thinking to solve complex and novel problems
  • Unwavering attention to detail
  • An appreciation of the importance of details
  • Relentless project management skills 
  • Ability to thrive in a fast moving environment with changing deadlines
  • Deep experience with the Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Evidence, court documents and electronic filing
  • Natural composure and personal presence in high pressure situations, with an ability to listen carefully and articulate the needs of clients and colleagues
  • Welcomes responsibility for important decisions
  • Ability to focus and set priorities

Things you will do

  • Document drafting
  • Filing with courts, government agencies, and regulators
  • Communicate directly with clients, witnesses, court staff, other law firms, and government officials
  • Manage complex projects, transactions, and litigation
  • Review documents and data produced for litigation and transactions
  • Organize complex files and datasets
  • Manage and review data rooms for due diligence in transactions
  • Use your talents to find creative solutions to complex problems

You’re a good fit if these words excite or describe you

open workplace
comfortable being uncomfortable
process oriented
Kanban board
dry wit

Nice to have but not required

  • 2 years or more experience in litigation
  • fluent in Spanish
  • accounting / finance background
  • understanding of politics
  • comfortable with cold calls and handling client intake
  • deep knowledge of Word, Clio, Trello, Slack, and Logikcull
  • Based in Greenville, SC (remote work encouraged)

How to Apply

If you’ve made it this far without hitting the escape button, then you’re clearly interested in the next step.  Follow the yellow brick form below to apply.

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