Technology Law

We’re your neighborhood friendly, tech-savvy law firm partner for the complex tech-related legal issues facing your business.

Why We’re Different

We aren’t your stereotypical Luddite lawyers. With real-world experience in technology and software development, Campbell Teague’s attorneys have a unique perspective into legal issues facing the tech world.

One of our founders, Jordan Teague, has a background in front end web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript), back end web development (PHP), and iOS development (Swift). Part of what motivated Jordan to go to law school was frustrations she’d had as a developer trying to find lawyers who spoke the tech language. One of Jordan’s passions is merging her understanding of technology with her legal background to provide effective, competent advice to tech companies.

Our Services

Here are some examples of legal services we provide in the tech realm:

  • Blockchain legal consulting: we are well-versed in the latest blockchain technological developments, including DeFi, smart contracts, oracles, decentralized storage, crypto assets, and more. If your company is considering developing or utilizing a blockchain-based product or service, we can advise on legal issues that may arise.
  • Software licensing: we’ll help you negotiate software licenses with potential users of your software, or providers of software you need for your business.
  • Data security: we can provide both preventative and problem-oriented advice in the area of data security, an increasingly important issue for companies in any industry.
  • User privacy: we can help you ensure that your application complies with data privacy regulations, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act. We can also assist you in drafting any necessary terms and privacy documents for your application.
  • Intellectual property: we provide consulting on a variety of IP issues affecting tech companies.

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