Construction Litigation

We help contractors get paid and owners get results.

Campbell Teague files and defend construction law claims for contractors and owners, including:

  • Miller Act, 40 U.S.C. §§ 3131-3134
  • Payment and performance bond claims
  • Common law claims, including negligence and breach of contract
  • Payment demands under S.C. Code § 27-1-15
  • Performance demands under the South Carolina Notice and Opportunity to Cure Construction Dwelling Defects Act for residential dwellings, S.C. Code § 40-59-810 et seq.
  • Performance demands under the South Carolina Notice and Opportunity to Cure Nonresidential Construction Defects Act, S.C. Code § 40-11-500 et seq.
  • Labor and materialman’s liens under S.C. Code § 29-5-10.

Jordan Teague volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

We are construction nerds.

While many lawyers know the ins and outs of construction law, not all lawyers have rolled up their sleeves and gotten their hands dirty on a job site.  Several of our attorneys have hands-on experience in various phases of the construction process through volunteering, summer jobs, and side projects.

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