Your wet signature don’t mean jack

The recognition of electronic signatures was a tremendous boon to efficiency in commerce and, I submit, a great leap forward in the technology of the signature.

Wasting time and money with QuickBooks

So, you’ve been wasting a lot of time and money on the bookkeeping for your business. All the information for your company’s accounting resides on a single computer, to which you cannot remember the password, and you find yourself trying to understand why the business just isn’t making money like it used to. Even worse, […]

Bro, you already signed a contract

Rookies. There are many levels of Brodom, and the path to excellence is a long and arduous journey. It is not unusual for one to labour for many years before obtaining the distinction of Consummate Bro. Nevertheless, you can elevate your Brostatus by avoiding rookie mistakes–like signing a document with binding legal terms before calling […]


Preparation (noun) – the action or process of preparing or being prepared for use or consideration; an action taken to become ready. The word preparation comes from the original Latin of praeparare, meaning to make ready before. Throughout the centuries the meaning of this word has changed very little, partly because the axiom that preparation […]