SC Real Estate Agents: 3 tips to make sure your clients actually close

If you are a real estate agent, you’ve been there. After months of searching, you finally find a home for your clients that checks all the boxes. You put in an offer and hold your breath, knowing that several other buyers are interested. Next thing you know, your offer is accepted and the parties sign […]

Don’t Wait To Mediate: Why Early Mediation May Be Your Dominant Strategy

We litigate cases and are confident in our ability to effectively advocate on your behalf. So why write a blog post encouraging you to consider mediation early on in a legal dispute? Because early mediation may well be your dominant strategy.  In game theory, a dominant strategy is the course of action which results in […]

Thoughts from the the OG of Legal Project Management

In 2020, as companies were scrambling to adapt to a new normal, Campbell Teague was planning a revolution in the legal field.  Advertising two open positions for “Legal Project Manager,” Campbell Teague was looking for self-reliant, revenue generating, take-charge people who could and would take things off the lawyer’s plate and drive a project to […]

Are tax sales a good investment?

The volatility of the stock market and interest rates have many investors interested in real estate investing over the stock market as a safer and more lucrative option. One overlooked real estate investment strategy is to buy property at delinquent property tax sales. How does it work? Every year, millions of property owners default on their […]

Are you paying too much in property taxes? 

Studies show that anywhere between 30 to 60 percent of taxpayer property in the United States is overassessed. This leads to unfairly high property tax bills. In spite of this, fewer than 5 percent of property owners challenge their property tax bill. If your tax bill seems too high, the real question to ask yourself […]